Technology + Driving Assistant Package

Technology + Driving Assistant Package

Tap into the convenience of the latest in driver assist technology. Includes advanced features like Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go, which lets you maintain your selected speed and uses radar to bring your vehicle to a complete stop; BMW Navigation System with its split-screen display; BMW Online and BMW App to access social networks, on-demand music and location-sharing; and BMW Connected App Compatibility, which lets you plan your trips from end-to-end by sending destinations from your phone or watch to your BMW.


Navigation System

  • The Navigation System for the BMW i3, with its BMW i ConnectedDrive Services, was specifically developed for making driving as easy and convenient as possible. At the heart of BMW i is the range assistant with dynamic range map. This takes into account all relevant factors for routing: battery charge level, driving style, traffic situation and topographical condition of the route, and shows the most efficient road based on these factors. All this to ensure that you reach your planned destination as quickly as possible with the current battery charge.

ACC Stop & Go + Active Driving Assistant

  • Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go maintains your selected speed. This camera-based system keeps your preselected distance from the vehicle ahead and brings your vehicle to a complete stop, if needed. Also included are Pedestrian Warning and City Collision Mitigation.

DISCLAIMER: This feature is not a substitute for the driver’s own responsibility. Due to the road, traffic and visibility conditions, the driver decides whether and how the system is used.

Advanced Real-Time Traffic Information

  • Added to Navigation option, ARTTI now offers more coverage and precision using an extensive sensor network and vehicle’s mobile network data connections bring this information to vehicle faster.

ConnectedDrive Services

  • Enhances your mobility by connecting you to the most up-to-date information while you are at the wheel. Business and stock market news, weather updates are made available. With services such as Google Local Search you have access to telephone directories, restaurant and hotel guides. You receive exclusive, location-based information on everything you need to know about your route or destination.