Advanced Real-Time Traffic Information

Because a BMW is not built to be stuck in traffic.

BMW introduces Advanced Real-Time Traffic Information, available starting with select 2013 vehicles. Whether you want the short route, the fast route or the scenic route, you never want to get stuck in traffic. With BMW's Advanced Real-Time Traffic Information (ARTTI) now included on selected Navigation-equipped models, you receive up-to-date traffic information right on your control display. The service notifies you of traffic incidents on your route so you can change course and possibly avoid delays. And, with ARTTI, you get the information faster, with more detail, and with greater coverage than ever before offered in a BMW vehicle.

BMW's Advanced Real-Time Traffic information uses color-coding to easily understand the current traffic situation. And, because ARTTI uses a cellular data connection via the telematics device embedded in the vehicle, ARTTI is delivered to the vehicle quickly and can be updated more frequently than past traffic information systems. ARTTI is updated every 3 minutes to ensure that you always get the latest traffic information and, when the navigation's dynamic guidance feature is turned on, the system will automatically re-route around traffic jams.

Please note, this service is only available on selected 2013 and newer BMW vehicles.